Residental Cleaning
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Floor Cleaning

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals will ensure that the cleaning duties are completed efficiently and promptly. We do Floor cleaning, sweeping, mopping, and washing as well as glass cleaning and marks removing. We offer comprehensive floor cleaning solutions and ensure that our clients receive a consistent, high quality service from our team.

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Sitting room Cleaning

The living room is the most used room in a home. Whether you live in a house or apartment, this is the place you sit with your family and friends, chatting, playing, eating, watching TV or listening to music, & working from home. With all this traffic & activity, your living room needs a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning. Now don't worry we are here to help to clean your sitting room with our experienced and professional team.

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Kitchen Cleaning

The state of your kitchen is very important when it comes to the health of you and your family. Even well-maintained kitchens can soon start to build up dirt and grime in difficult-to-reach or hidden areas. This will soon have a detrimental effect on the condition of any food prepared in there. The easiest and most effective way to keep your kitchen in a completely hygienic condition is to use a professional service for kitchen cleaning, like the high quality one provided by House Cleaning Services and Care.