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House cleaning and Care Services provides exceptional and fascinating Cleaning Services with 100% guaranteed Satisfaction, we have broad coverage in Perth. We carry you in our minds and your business is our business as well. We provide you with the very best of cleaning services; taking the weight off your shoulders and helping you carry the burdens and worries as a result of prolonged lack of cleaning in your home.

Whether it's your House, Office or vicinity, we ensure that your surrounding is very welcoming and appealing. We work with first class equipment and well Trained Professionals,ready and happy to serve you. Your Windows invite rays and fresh breezes into your home, there need to be kept clean and we make sure of that. The more we come around to clean, the lesser you have to spend on cleaning.

Your Office needs an extra touch and you need an extra hand with Professional touch to help assist you reach your goal of enjoying comfort in your Office. We provide you with Top notch house cleaning, window cleaaning, carpet cleaning, move in move out cleaning and office cleaning service here in Perth and across. We also understand that Carpet Cleaning and Lawn Mowing are quite tedious and you might not have the energy or time to give to ensure a perfect clean touch. Carpet Steam Cleaning with Advanced Steam Cleaning tools and facilities, giving your Carpet a renewed look and shine, we also provide end of least cleaning services and lawn mowing.

We are always ready to listen to your suggestions and shall clean your home just the way you want it with proper disinfection of the floor. We are also experts in providing End of Least Cleaning Services in Perth,Window Cleaning and various districts,our major postal areas are 6000, 6009, 6007, 6005, 6016, 6017, 6060, 6059, 6004, 6052, 6051, 6006, 6100, 6050, 6151, 6084, 6079, 6071, 6073, 6078, 6125, 6081, 6074, 6072, 6556, 6124, 6501, 6083, 6123, 6082, 6558, 6560, 6161, wherewhether you are hosting friends or expecting kids in your house and they will mess things up, don't be scared because we got you covered. With a little Sum, we shall give you the very Best of Cleaning at a go.We provide 25- 35 % discount of first cleaning services, whether you are looking for office cleaning,house cleaning,commericial cleaning,window cleaning or any kind,we will keep the promise for your first clean..

With good communication skills and a lot of options to choose from, you tell us when and where to clean and we shall do what we do best. 'Leave the dirt invisible and maintain the beauty of your home once again. House Cleaning and care services Best of its kind.

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